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On the first day of class from a college of Medicine, the Professor of Anatomy  began the lesson with the following question:

  - At what point can we diagnose the death of a man?


One student replied: Depends, the diagnosis of death is still a matter divergent and may vary by location.


Another answered: When he does not persist in his vital functions.


The professor continued: Let me ask in a different way: Raise your hand if you are here searching for a dream, and keep your hands down those who are here just to graduate in Medicine. 


After all students manifested themselves, the professor concluded: - Ok. Without touching any of you I can complete my diagnosis: Those who raised their hands are alive, the rest is dead.





Are you dead or alive ? Do you really know who you are and where you are?



We learn many things in this world , we hear about illnesses , tragedies , wars , lies , competition , and we begin to experience these things . Because we are afraid we fail to discover who we are , in fact , we are not encouraged to do so.


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


I decided not to stay silent about things that matter , all that I have learned is only valuable if I share with you . It is your decision , be silent or not .


If you are reading this now , this is the destination . This is your calling .

But it is your choice to continue or not .



But one thing I am sure : If you understand this message and embrace it , you will invite all good to come into your life. You will be involved with a light so bright that the darkness will be gone forever . And you will meet with me in a place of hope , unity and beauty.

Only love has the vitality to carry out our wishes for peace and unity . It’s what I know for sure and true.





“If a light is suddenly turned on while someone is dreaming a fearful dream, he may initially interpret the light itself as part of his dream and be afraid of it.”  (A Course in Miracles)


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Ohana was always an egghead when it came to Politics and Sociology. She joined Law school in 2006 with a bold goal, typical from a dreamer teenager: help people and change the brazilian prison system.

Once formed and working as a lawyer, her life changed when she began to practice yoga and meditation. She realized that any change in the world begins in the human heart.

Now, following the Divine instructions, she speaks from heart to heart.

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