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It was not easy to do  this site. Not only because of the work but, the courage.  It would not be possible without the support of miraculous relationships in my life . Here my gratitude :




Heringer Designer for being so dedicated , so passionate in creating this site and patient with my indecision and ideas . Your future is bright and I’ll probably ask for your help again soon .



Juliana Machado , for always being an angel , willing to help me out and showing your photos in a beauty I never knew I had . This is probably because you see the world through the eyes right: the heart.



Marcelo Alves , you are always willing to help me , and now did it again, I will not forget . Thank you brother of metal.


Julliano Barcelos , for opening your studio to me without having any time for that. Revealing this message without you would not be possible.


Gabriel Tanaka, for giving me the right tips and great support , as a small change made ​​all the difference . See you in the city of angels when the stars align .



Gibran Hasnaoui for being an inspiration with your ” Tour du Monde Musulman ” and have helped me,  even without any time for that . Merci ! May Allah enlighten your way so you can build your mosque SOON!



Jef Roden for letting me use your music and for your trust in me as a messenger . Thank you ! Without music this message could not come to life , since the words are beautiful , but music comes from dimension where words are not necessary .


And you my reader you are a pearl inside my heart . My pearl of light. You really deserved a decent website now after years.
Now we are one , and nothing can separate us .






Mauricio de Sousa for keeping the child alive . Without it , it would never be possible to listen to God.


Mom and Dad for being my best friends and believe that I could become someone better . People can change . It is worthy to trust people . Now I’ll spread the love .








PS:  This manifesto was revealed to me by God. English is NOT my first language, I know I have a problem speaking past sentences. But if it is all you can hear, you probably don’t understand and are not ready for the message. I tried my best.


Now leave a nice comment about how you felt and spread the love, don’t wait!   :)


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There are many things that are above what the mind can understand, do not try to rationalize, always listen to your heart

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Ohana was always an egghead when it came to Politics and Sociology. She joined Law school in 2006 with a bold goal, typical from a dreamer teenager: help people and change the brazilian prison system.

Once formed and working as a lawyer, her life changed when she began to practice yoga and meditation. She realized that any change in the world begins in the human heart.

Now, following the Divine instructions, she speaks from heart to heart.

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