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The pursuit for popularity, the disease of our era

Let’s face something for a fact – It’s not difficult to become famous these days, is it?

Depending on the appealing and aggressive means used, fame is an easy target to achieve. And as easy as it is to achieve it, it’s even easier to lose it.

I am really worried about what I call “Instant Fame Phenomenon” and we can understand it and help people together.

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Magic for anxiety
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Months ago, a very special friend had a job interview and she was very anxious and scared, so I gave her a magic key to combat anxiety and be all right.


I used this magic formula to make my test to get my lawyer license and I use it whenever I get anxious because I have an important event or something new and important to do. I will share with you my secret tool. ;)  

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What I learned from Dr. Lissa Rankin
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My mother was in a coma, then I watched the interview of Lissa Rankin for Gabby B. Tv, and bought the book immediately. I wanted to translate the exercises for my mother, so she could also write her own diagnosis, as the author teaches, and heal herself once she was awake again.

I decided to share with you some of the valuable lessons I learned from this book. Do you wanna know? Keep reading.

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The art of detachment

When your plans do not flow as expected, it is the perfect time to practice detachment.
The present moment is perfect, because the whole universe is perfect, we must trust in the present moment and we should never fight or curse upon it.

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The blind man
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Do you really trust your senses to understand what happens? If you look at the sky, it looks like a dome, but we know it is not.

We have the impression that the Earth is still and the sun is running, but it’s not what happens.

How can we transcend this limitation of the senses and see the truth?

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Pearls of light

There are many things that are above what the mind can understand, do not try to rationalize, always listen to your heart


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About Ohana Nery

Ohana was always an egghead when it came to Politics and Sociology. She joined Law school in 2006 with a bold goal, typical from a dreamer teenager: help people and change the brazilian prison system.

Once formed and working as a lawyer, her life changed when she began to practice yoga and meditation. She realized that any change in the world begins in the human heart.

Now, following the Divine instructions, she speaks from heart to heart.

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