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The three voices in your head

I know many will not like this idea, we like to think we have full control of what we do and that our opinions are our own and are special.
But it is possible, and imagine for a moment that there are three voices in your head…

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Lessons from football to life

While I am watching the games in this World Cup I observe a lot of resemblance to life outside the football field.

In the game before the last one of Brazil what really thrilled the crowd was the transparency of our goalkeeper Julio Cesar, confessing how much the past few years were difficult.
Criticism is very cruel and

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The pursuit for popularity, the disease of our era

Let’s face something for a fact – It’s not difficult to become famous these days, is it?

Depending on the appealing and aggressive means used, fame is an easy target to achieve. And as easy as it is to achieve it, it’s even easier to lose it.

I am really worried about what I call “Instant Fame Phenomenon” and we can understand it and help people together.

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What I learned from Dr. Lissa Rankin
livro mini

My mother was in a coma, then I watched the interview of Lissa Rankin for Gabby B. Tv, and bought the book immediately. I wanted to translate the exercises for my mother, so she could also write her own diagnosis, as the author teaches, and heal herself once she was awake again.

I decided to share with you some of the valuable lessons I learned from this book. Do you wanna know? Keep reading.

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Are you searching wealth or just symbols?
cafezinho post

A friend of mine once said that rich people can be “broken”, but never become poor .
This is because rich people can go through periods of “hardness”, but as they built an inner richness, they are never really poor. It’s just a matter of time and work for prosperity again manifest also in form of material wealth .

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Pearls of light

There are many things that are above what the mind can understand, do not try to rationalize, always listen to your heart


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