What I learned from a car accident last week

Friday, July 17, I suffered a car accident.


I was happy driving  to pick my parents at the airport after sending them both on vacation, I really took it for granted that I would see them again, I took for granted the time that would happen and how my day was supposed to be.
Then everything changed in a second.

We take everything for granted and we try to control time  and the course of our lives.
We say we will get married only after 30, taking for granted that we will live after 30 years, and that the love of your life will show up the time that you want or will wait until you feel ready, we say that we need 3 more years to take the courage to live our dreams, taking for granted the next three years.
We say that we call our friend in coming week, because now we are too busy to stop work for 10 minutes. It is all left for tomorrow, for next week, taking for granted that you’ll be here next week and that the other person will be waiting.
And then. You die.
So many days lost in anger from the past and concern with the imaginary future problems, and only a few days paying attention to here and now, what we can do now with the people we love, what we have, what we have learned.
Live in the now, tomorrow is not guaranteed.


Live in the now doesn’t mean you will act like crazy and spend every penny you have or run naked on the street and post all your videos on youtube.

Live in the now means you will focus on what’s really important, what really makes you happy and will leave aside your pride, your fear: these monsters that make you believe that you control time.
It means doing more of what you really love every day and don’t delay important decisions because you think that time will wait for you, or even worse, that others will wait for you.
And if you live a hundred years will look back proudly at a lifetime of happiness, adventure and meaning. And if don’t live, too.
Live in the now means don’t second guess yourself and just show up, launch the project, publish the text, share the music, dance ask for it, do it, go for it.
Live in the now means not living a life that you don’t want to live waiting for a permission that will never come.
Live in the now means not being afraid to love, means not to condemn yourself by a mistake, it means try again, make every day worthwhile. Never give up. The time is now, it is the only time there is.
Nothing can stop you here and now.
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May the force be with you,


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