The three voices in your head

I know many will not like this idea, we like to think we have full control of what we do and that our opinions are our own and are special.
But it is possible, and imagine for a moment that there are three voices in your head…


Consider a specific situation in your life right now, it may be a marital crisis, your job, a decision you need to make, something you are going to buy, think about what exactly is bothering you now.
So here is the first voice, the voices easily transform and sounds like a “creative” voice so you think is your reasoning;
1) Childhood voice: What you learned in childhood about this theme or situation that is bothering you now? About what is right or wrong? About what you can do or can’t?
2) Society voice: What does your friends, coworkers, the media, think about it? It’s something everyone is doing or it’s something they think it’s weird?
3) Home voice: what your family, parents, children, wife or husband, and all pressure from the home (can be up to your roommates too) suggest you to do?
Write down (writing is important, don’t to this only in your head, your head is with the voices remember?) your problem or decision, and write down the answer to each one the voices 1, 2 and 3.
What they say about it? Read it.
And now you write down: Which of these voices I want to hear now? Some of them, if any?
What would I decide if whether these voices did not exist or did not matter so much?
The answer will give you an unbelievable clarity about what you really want.
But I’m not saying that you should completely disregard the voices, sometimes one of them is more important to you really, as your husband’s voice, wife or children, sometimes your childhood voice is louder than the voice of home, for example, disrupting your relations and this exercise will give clarity about what voice you should listen and develop your own voice.
The point here is to separate what each voice says, and how they originated, if there is any trauma in some of these voices and identify each of them so you can choose any of them or none.
And take control of your mind, which is a great enemy if  it’snot dominated. The mind It’s a great servant but a terrible master.
When you feel ready, add a 4 voice: The heart’s voice: What does your heart tells you to do?
There is where your voice is, it never changed and never will.


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May the force be with you
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