My top 10 spiritual books

These are the ten most spiritual books that touched me and recommend it to all people.


Many books are missing and it is difficult to choose ten but here they are:


1 ) Manual of the warrior of the light, Paulo Coelho:


Paulo Coelho is my favorite author, that’s not a secret,  our brazilian rock’n roll writer is able to put the most complex themes in a very easy language.

In this book he write many thoughts ald lessons of the path of the warrior of the light. You can read the entire book or you can leave to randomly open a page a day or when you feel the need.


I consider this a magical book because I always open exactly the message that I need, I also have experiences to open the book at a random page before yoga class and the student receive exactly the message about the situation she was going through. Paulo Coelho puts a spell on his books and this is bedside for those who want to live a more intuitive and enlightened life.


2) A Course in Miracles


This is a very intense and long book and you have to receive a call to read it because is really a work not everyone is willing to do. the book has a long text, manual for teachers and 365 lessons that the student need to do for 365 days to finally cure your vision and acquire Christ’s vision.


It’s a very very polemic book, so in resume I tell you that this book is written by Jesus through a North American psychoanalyst, while you do the lessons and read the explanations you won’t have a doubt that is Jesus himself talking to you about the truth that was hidden by organized religion. You can find it online and even read random chapter it’s worth.


3) The seven spiritual laws of success, Deepak Chopra


A small and essential book, Deepak Chopra teach us seven laws to follow in each day of the week to help us to live better, the book is called ‘laws of success’, but in fact are basic laws of life. mandatory reading.MUST read.


4) Living in the heart, Drunvalo Melchizedek


I cried while reading almost every page of this book. It’s about all that we forgot and the language of the heart that we have lost.


This book guides you to make your way back to the heart and has a cd with meditation for that. I would say this book is a simpler and sweeter version  of ‘A Course in Miracles’, in which he recounts various spiritual events around the world today. Just like A Course in Miracles, this is a book about remember, must-read.


There is a very beautiful song inspired by the book, listen here!


5) The Yoga of Jesus,  Paramahansa Yogananda


This book is a collection of various teachings of the master yogi Paramahansa Yogananda taken from the book: The Second Coming of Christ, The Resurrection of the Christ Within You, again, is a book that reveals hidden gospel teachings and also talks about the different types of yoga and Jesus’ relationship with yoga.


6) The power of now, Eckhart Tolle


The most popular book of Eckhart Tolle, is a guide to enlightenment in which the author explains how we are sick identified with our minds, and the path to liberation. Deepak Chopra is a big fan of this book.


7) Bhagavad Gita:


The very sweet hindu book in which the warrior Arjuna talks with Krishna, which you can interpret as God, universe, universal consciousness, and important revelations about life, death, are found in this book that is the basis of Hindu culture and Hare Krishna.


8) The master key system, Charles F. Haanel


This book was originally given as a weekly course in which students receive by mail the lesson of the week, we now have the full version available for everyone. Are secret teachings of important religious and political societies, this book also based movie ‘The Secret’. 


You can download it here

I have an interesting experience with this book, which was doing one of the exercises I felt intense love for Mother Earth and entered the heart for the first tim,e translated the experience in the love manifesto. 

9) The Master of Masters analyzes and reveals that Jesus Christ possessed the most elevated intelligence, Augusto Cury


The Brazilian psychiatrist Augusto Cury, formerly atheist, decided to research the intelligence and the story of Jesus to prove that he did not exist. Instead, came the scientific conclusion that he was real and in this book he explores his emotional and intellectual intelligence, wonderful book, poetic at the same time what is scientific and intense.


10) Love wins, Rob Bell


Pastor Rob Bell came to the conclusion that we have created the heaven and hell here and now, he demystifies teachings that have been used for years to manipulation and control of the masses and conveys the real message of the loving creator of the universe and you will feel the true in his lines.


Have you read any of those books above? Any of these in your list to read next? Recommend other book? Share bellow!


May the force be with you,


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