Full Moon in Leo: reclaim your power

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears. – Richard Wilkins


Today February 3 of 2015 the Moon will be Full in Leo, the creative artist of the Zodiac, the one who can dance, sing, play, everything to call the attention of the crowd. He urges for self-expression and for fun.  Here’s how you can take full energy tonight to expand your life.





The Full Moon in Leo touches that part of the heart where we have something unique to share with humanity.

With the courage and determination of this Full Moon you can get in touch with your genuine desires that you may have left behind because you grew up and people told you that it is not possible. Or maybe you are walking in the direction of your desires but sometimes you think this is selfish or you get distracted with fears.

This Full moon is asking for your creation and giving you the courage and security knowing that your ideas are worthy.


Some people also give up their dreams because of their family and responsibilities but our very beloved Paulo Coelho said: “Love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny.”

As the sun is in Aquarius and the Full Moon is in Leo, we are reminded that, although we are part of a whole we must also leave our own mark and incorporate our passion in what we do.

Just remember that when you win many people will win with you, because some people are waiting for what you have to give.

Sit with your feelings, write down your ideas and receive an intuitive instruction for action, be childlike today reserving at least an hour do to what you love the most and soon you’ll understand the meaning of it all, as soon as Mercury comes back to us in February 11, take action.

Nothing happens without your action. You can have the best seed in your hands, but you need to go to the earth, get your hands dirty and do the work so it can grow a flower.
And your flower will bless the whole Earth with its beauty. This is the beauty of your dream.

May the force be with you,


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