Change this UNIQUE habit and your life will change

There is  an unique habit that if you change it in your day (or improve if you already have this habit) will change your whole life.

It is the change of something so simple and automatic that you are unaware of the importance of this ritual.

A simple change will cause several miracles. Let’s find out?



What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Pick up your smartphone and look at your notifications?

Turn on the TV?

Oh oh!

As soon as you wake up seek the silence, sit quietly, you may even be in your bed yet, for at least 10 minutes.


The way you start the day defines how your day will be. 

And your days define your life.


The first thing you do in the morning is how you decide to live.

It’s so simple and automatic that you are unaware of the importance of this ritual.

The silence in the morning is extremely precious.

You just returned from your rest, restored your immune system, your brain is prepared for a new day and you lived in the spirit level for hours: egoless, fearless.

Imagine how much is aggressive for your body, mind and spirit that you wake up connecting the TV or automatically picking up the phone and erasing the memories of your dream that can reveal so much about you and your life.

Waking up in the noise and connecting the computer or any device automatically eliminates any creative ideas and intuition you receive after sleep.
If you start the day looking at the your facebook timeline you start getting so many ideas and feelings that are not yours.




Go into your heart before you say “good morning” to the world


After the silence for a few minutes connect with what makes you feel alive or any spiritual or religious ritual that makes sense to you.

It’s too early. You do not have to flood in (many times useless) information and problems.


You deserve these minutes. It’s your life.

Notice how your day will be different, the ideas will emerge and how little by little with this practice you will want to stay longer in silence, will live with less anxiety and will activate your intuition.
You have no idea of the power of silence in the first minutes of your day until you experience.

Do you have this habit or will try it?

Do you have any morning ritual? How is a perfect morning for you?

May the force be with you


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